Blog: Dave Leggett'Chevrolet Group'

Dave Leggett | 17 June 2009

Is the pending creation of a 'New GM' via a spell in Chapter 11 also a good point at which to consider some corporate re-branding? Yes.

It could be a way to jettison some of the negative baggage that comes with maintaining the name of the failed company, while emphasising that the new company really is a full-on fresh start – a new beginning. Hell, there's a whole new name and the General is really gone.

Unlike Ford, 'GM' itself doesn't figure too much as a brand on yer actual vehicles. It's primarily a group umbrella brand that is perhaps crying out to be dropped or changed.

A re-branding would also provide an opportunity to elevate a constituent brand – one that is vital and already pre-eminent in the company's future plans. Chevrolet fits the bill. Chevrolet is a globally crucial brand for New GM. It's already established as a high performing brand in long-term automotive growth markets like Russia and China. It also has that striking gold bow-tie logo that is surely ready-to-go for corporate branding.

'Chevrolet Motors'? You could maybe add the word 'American', too – highlighting the new company's geographical origin and that it is actually more than just Chevrolet. 'Chevrolet American Motors'? Mind you, there has already been an 'American Motors', and maybe throwing the word American in there doesn't quite work for a global company.

Dunno. Maybe Chevrolet Group is the way to go, keeping it simple. Or how about GM2? No, that's horrendous.

And no, I don't think Government Motors – a mocking term bandied about by critics of the Obama administrations actions - quite works. 

Anyone else out there got any suggestions?   

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