Blog: Dave LeggettChevrolet Captiva and Opel/Vauxhall Antara

Dave Leggett | 10 May 2006

I've been chatting to Glenn Brooks (our main man on our carline 'Production Life Database' - PLDB - see below link) about the upcoming Chevrolet Captiva SUV this morning. My thought was that although Captiva shares platform with the also on its way Opel/Vauxhall Antara SUV, the Captiva is a budget SUV and would have to be very clearly differentiated from the Antara if sold in the same markets.

Our research thus far suggests that sheet metal on the two Korean-made vehicles is fully shared - on the five-door at least - and also that the two vehicles will be marketed in the same European markets (though maybe there is a more funky three-door Antara, like the Antara GTC concept shown at IAA, to follow).

Presumably, the Chevy Captiva will still attain budget status, but I am surprised the only ostensible exterior differences are in badging. Maybe the cost-cutters at GM said that was how it would have to be.

I should get the chance to find out more about Captiva on the media launch next month that I have been invited on. It will be interesting to see how the relative Captiva-Antara five-door prices and specs stack up.

And we're still scratching our heads on the next Saturn Vue...



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