Blog: Dave LeggettCheer yourself up?

Dave Leggett | 9 October 2008

I know there's plenty of bad news around at the minute, but there's just a chance that the authorities are getting their act together and putting a floor under things, putting the structures in place for a slow return of confidence (or at least a belief that it won't get much worse in terms of the international financial system). Incidentally, I find BBC reporter Robert Peston's blog a useful source in trying to get my head around some of the stuff going on. 

But, whatever happens, 2009 is shaping up to be another tough year simply based on what has happened so far and the effects of that on automotive markets. It's in the pipeline already. Volumes will be down again next year.

If you want a momentary diversion from the gloom that may provide a little amusement/cheer...there's always sniff petrol's irreverent take on things or something I have come across that's a reminder of just how much some of us love our cars.


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