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Dave Leggett | 24 January 2007

We've an article from our emerging markets specialist Mark Bursa looking at Changfeng Motor - the Chinese maker caught his eye in Detroit earlier this month. Mark actually came up with a great header for the piece, that borrows something from the satirical film, 'Borat'. It was this: 'Cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious Changfeng Motor corporation of China'. Combined with the 'EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS' tag - which I like - the header was a monster in terms of length and how it looked on the website. So I reluctantly shortened it to 'Changfeng Motor 'goes Borat''. Just thought I'd share that in here, so that Mark's original creativity wasn't totally wasted.

The article points out that the company has some intriguing positives, even if that Detroit presentation seemed bizarrely inappropriate. Rhombus concept still catches the eye, I must say. How about a TV programme: 'When good car designers go bad!' complete with cheesy voiceover. Could be a fun one to make.

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Changfeng Motor 'goes Borat'


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