Blog: Dave LeggettChanges at GM in Europe

Dave Leggett | 4 February 2004

Maybe Mike Burns moving to Dana isn't too much of a surprise. He's been in GM for 33 years and has been instrumental in getting the long hard slog that is GM Europe's turnaround to first base. At the age of 51 he can either carry on with that long-term project or look for a new challenge - inside GM or outside. But eary fifties is perhaps a good time to go elsewhere and have plenty of time to settle and still make a real impact. The right opportunities have to be seized as they don't come around too often - we all know that.

Going to a major Tier 1 is certainly a new challenge and there have been a few senior bods from OEMs who have opted for career moves to Tier 1s over the past eighteen months. Gamekeeper turns poacher - there must be some useful and different perspectives for the Tier 1 supplier's top management to get their heads round. At least there are no non-compete clause hassles and maybe he likes the idea of moving back to the States. I wonder what Opel's boss, Carl-Peter Forster, makes of it? He'll be getting to know the evergreen Bob Lutz quite closely over the next month before Fritz Henderson takes the GME reins.

GM personnel changes


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