Blog: Glenn BrooksChange your Audi's exhaust note via MMI

Glenn Brooks | 26 June 2012

Can you believe there's a setting on the MMI controller of the new Audi A6 allroad which activates a SPEAKER in the exhaust? Nor me. But I tried it this very afternoon, and it turns a V6 diesel into what sounds like a fruity petrol V8.

I should probably add some context, lest you think I just wandered into an Audi dealership to try out this car's trick (had I known about it, I possibly would have done that). But no, I was out on Dartmoor in the south west of England for the UK market launch of the new generation car - terrific roads, though you have to watch the sheep and yes, even in summer, the mists wafted, giving the moors an eerie feel.

Before setting off from the hotel where the car's launch was based, a fellow petrolhead and member of the press team showed me the relevant setting within the MMI system's menus. He blipped the throttle at idle: a muted and not too unattractive but definitely diesel sound was emitted. A quick click on the controller, another push of the fun pedal and jaws dropped: the new 313PS 3.0-litre BiTDI did indeed become the stunt double for something like Audi's 4.2 petrol V8.

The guys from Audi explained that there is a tiny speaker built into the exhaust system, the sole purpose of which is to artificially produce that V8 burble. We live and learn. Oh, and that engine will accelerate the tall and airsprung new A6 allroad to 100km/h in a claimed 5.6 seconds. Diesels really ARE changing.

I feel bad that I didn't film it for anyone who's still reading down this far. But. I just had a quick look on YouTube and the news is good: I found this. Watch it to the end or you'll miss another noise....I won't spoil it but here's a clue: a muscley 650Nm of torque goes up against the brains of electronically-controlled quattro drive.


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