Blog: Dave Leggett'Change or die, baby'

Dave Leggett | 30 June 2006

I think Ford deserves some credit for its 'Bold Moves' online initiative (news item here). It comes across as a genuine attempt to communicate the gravity of the situation facing Ford and the company's response. It could have been very cheesy, but isn't.

The short film sums up the situation and the human aspect, the history, quite well. Of course, it has been slickly produced and edited, but even Fields' soundbites towards the end are - let's be honest - the right things to be saying. And the interactive 'have your say' element that follows a couple of very pertinent articles is well worth a read.

The 'big picture' addressed, at least. 

I don't recall seeing anything quite like this before. Good effort. Click the below link and have a look yourself.

Ford 'Bold Moves' website


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