Blog: Simon WarburtonChallenge Bibendum gets ready to welcome public

Simon Warburton | 20 May 2011

Final day of this year's Challenge Bibendum sustainable mobility event in Berlin - the world's media is currently packing its quills and is about to fly off to the four corners of the world.

This year's event will also throw open its doors to the public for the weekend tomorrow (21 May) and an estimated 15,000 Berliners are expected to pour through Tempelhof's ample doors to sample the latest in driving technology.

Mind you, if anywhere can cope with vast hordes of people, it's Tempelhof. The catering staff managed to pull off yet another astonishing feat of meeting the needs of 2,000 hungry people this lunchtime without a blink of an eye.

Shell took a media group out for dinner last night replete with a 14th floor view of Berlin that took in the old Reichstag - still with "Dem Deutschen Volke" inscribed on its massive front and the Brandenburg Gate just next door.

For a visiting Brit, Berlin oozes history from every corner, this was literally the fault line of the cold war, while now, even the infamous Trabant is viewed as something of a retro-chic status symbol. In fact, we passed a car park full of them - for hire? - only yesterday.

This morning's Leaders Forum included an assessment by Japan's Ministry of Environment Vice Minister Tatsushi Terada, who outlined the myriad challenges facing his country following the earthquake.

As a tiny snapshot, it appears car sharing is not a feature of Japanese life - the colossal upheaval of the last few months may well change that and many other facets of daily living in a bid to make better use of existing resources.

There seems to be an orderly rush to the airport now, time to bid auf wiedersehen to Berlin and a very worthwhile event.


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