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Dave Leggett | 9 March 2004

I have just read through the latest members' management briefing draft - it should be available to download very soon in the members' area of the site. It's on central Europe and it's been written by Mark Bursa. Good summary and timely, what with the EU expansion set for less than two months time now - it formally happens on May 1st. I expect that the 'free movement of labour and capital' within the expanded EU will remain a controversial and sensitive issue for some time to come though. I'm not exactly Mr PC, but even I find the xenophobic strand to some of the simplistic media coverage of subjects like immigration distasteful. As I recently found myself explaining to a French engineer and customer of just-auto who regularly visits the UK through his work: please don't believe that what you read in tabloids like The Sun is an accurate portrayal of attitudes here and please don't take it too seriously - we don't!

One thought on central Europe's developing auto industry though: where is Ford? The company is a very glaring omission from the list of major makers with manufacturing facilities in the region...


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