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Dave Leggett | 14 August 2006

So, the guys at Kia just couldn't resist that Cee'd (pronounced seed - it's seed for growth...) model name in the end - the production car carries the name over from the Cee'd concept car.

Fair enough, although I do share concerns over the use of the redundant apostrophe in this instance. It's difficult enough to get people to use apostrophes correctly. Why revel in doing it the wrong way? What kind of statement is that, exactly? That awful pop band called Hear'Say used to wind me up a bit with their unnecessary apostrophe also. These little things can be irritating. 

But - back to the car - carrying over the concept car's sharp looks to the production Cee'd looks like a smart (that word is not to be confused with the city-car brand of the same name that should always have a capital at the front) move though.

Oh, yes - we can be a bit pedantic here when we're in the mood.

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