Blog: Dave LeggettCawthon braves Rita

Dave Leggett | 26 September 2005

Natural phemomena like tropical storms are pretty fascinating to most of us, though the fascination gives way to other feelings when you see their destructive impact. I gather Hainan island (that's the big island off China's south coast) is suffering from a typhoon and it's heading for Vietnam now. In the US, Hurrican Rita has caused devastation in places, but it could have been quite a bit worse by all accounts.

Our US correspondent, Bill Cawthon, is based in Houston, so we've been keeping in touch with him as Rita approached. In an e-mail today he says that he received 'mild wind and much-needed rain' which resulted in the loss of small branches from trees and a brief power outage, but nothing worse than that. He's counting himself lucky.


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