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Dave Leggett | 14 November 2008

Here's a thought. There's a vibe around that is changing the way consumers behave across the board. Even if you are not directly impacted by harder economic times, you may start to behave differently, feel that you should be cautious with your spending 'just in case'. And lots of people are eschewing conspicuous consumption; you, perhaps, are being carried along on that tide a little, even if you are unaware of it.

It might mean shopping for bargains online, a renewed enthusiasm for camping holidays, buying groceries at Lidl or hanging on to your car a little longer before replacing it. And if you do hang on to your car, you may be very pleasantly surprised that not much goes wrong with it. They're well built these days. In fact, the whole financial merry-go-round that involves finding the money to spend on an expensive asset that rapidly loses value might be called increasingly into question.

That thought was brought into focus while thinking of developments at the top end of the market yesterday when I was driving the new BMW 7 Series. I know many are corporate purchases, but the depreciation they come in for is astonishing.

Anyway, I have written something up: FEATURE: BMW keeps its head with new Seven [includes audio]

I drove with AM's Tim Rose who features at the wheel in the below clip. The route took us as far as Wiltshire and the Avebury stones. They were pretty impressive. Car was good. Well, it should be for sixty grand plus (sterling), eh? As Tim says, the diesel is the one to have in Europe. And go for the head-up display; it works really well with the nav and once you get used to it you wonder how you ever lived without it. You will never recoup anything like the GBP915 it costs as an option new when you sell the car on - it'll be absorbed into the rapidly diminishing residual. But if that's an issue why on earth are you buying a car like this? If you must, do it properly. Anyone reckon HUDs might transition to higher volume segments of the car market anytime soon? 


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