Blog: Dave LeggettCars that eat themselves

Dave Leggett | 24 January 2008

Cars that eat themselves? I enjoyed Robbo Goldie's colourful turn of phrase for his piece on Coskata. There's a weird sort of recyling going on with the end result that car parts can be turned into fuel to be consumed by cars. Sounds good doesn't it? Neat. Closed loop.

Mind you, there was something about the phrase 'nip down to the local Coskata refinery and swap your personal rubber goods for a pint of ethanol' that has me wondering what Rob gets up to in his spare time. I'm seeing Rob later this evening in old London Town for a few beverages, so I'll be sure to try to clarify exactly what he has in mind by 'personal rubber goods'. 

GOLDING’S TAKE: How to run your car on wiper blades


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