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Dave Leggett | 4 July 2005

We've known that UK motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson has had his name down for a Ford GT for some time. The man was blown away when he had one to review on BBC TV's Top Gear - so blown away that he seriously wanted one for himself. But the experience of actually getting one hasn't quite met with expectations. The tale is a sober reminder that it doesn't matter how good a car is, it can let itself down badly if something 'simple' is not quite right. Alfa's new 159 may be a fine car to drive, but if bits keep falling off and multiple trips to the garage are in prospect, people won't buy it.

Actually, I did feel a twang of sympathy for Jeremy over his GT experience and the dilemma (stick with it or get his money back) he is in now.

Poor lamb is having a rough time lately. He revealed in his other Sunday Times column yesterday that he has had a bad experience at a charity auction, starting the bidding at £25,000 for something (week in luxury yacht in Med) he didn't really want - not at that price, anyway - out of a sense of doing a good turn for the auctioneer, only for no higher bids to come in. He is therefore stuck with it. Maybe he should sell the GT on at profit (it might make £50,000 over the £126,000 he paid) and split it: £25,000 covers the luxury yacht hire and the other £25,000 can go to a good cause. That would keep the conscience clear.

Sorry, Ford, I have to ask for my money back


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