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Dave Leggett | 13 April 2006

Sometime just-auto contributor Jesse Crosse has just had a book published that looks at cinematic car chases, a pleasurable vicarious thrill for many of us. I remember speaking to him ages ago about it and it's good to see the book has seen the light of day. Knowing him, it will have been thoroughly researched and will be a good read. Many journalists have book projects on the go, but actually finding the time to work on them can be very difficult when there are multiple demands on your time (especially if those demands pay the bills). These sorts of projects often become a labour of love.

Do you agree with Jesse's top ten? I guess the Bullitt chase is always going to be at the top (though much of the rest of the movie is a little bit tedious), but I do agree with the almost top billing for the chase in the film Ronin. It's jaw-droppingly good - and Ronin is a good movie all round.

Article at below link describes Jesse's Top Ten.

Top 10: Greatest-ever movie car chases


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