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Dave Leggett | 22 January 2007

I recall when Rob Golding told me he'd sat next to GM Europe's Jonathan Browning on a recent flight to Detroit that it struck me as quite a scenario. I am sure, incidentally, that Rob was the consummate professional - got the biz out of the way and was his usual utterly considerate and charming self. The lad knows how to behave.

But for the interviewee on an aircraft there really is nowhere to run. There's no PA to politely interrupt the proceedings at a pre-arranged time and remind all concerned that the next appointment really is pressing. It could be a form of hell.

'Are we done, then?'

'Yes, I think so. Thanks very much.'

'Great. Quick flick through Private Eye, large brandy and forty winks I think - in that order.'

'Oh, hang on. Another question has just popped into my head...really, really last one, I promise!'

GOLDING’S CHAT: Q&A with GM Europe’s sales boss


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