Blog: Dave LeggettCaptiva/Antara: on closer examination...

Dave Leggett | 10 May 2006

To follow-up on the below blog, it would seem - on closer inspection - that Captiva and Antara are not just differentiated on grille badges. The designs are indeed different, if very similar at first glance. I look forward to seeing the two vehicles side-by-side and in the flesh. The key thing will be the consumer attitude - will the differences appear more obvious in reality than they did to us this morning as we raided the Internet for images? 'Small' differences in photos can translate into much bigger ones in real life.

If you like to look at pics of cars, sort out who makes what and play contrast and compare, Pal Negyasi in Budapest runs a useful online resource (it belongs to US auto industry writer Paul Lienert, I believe). To visit Global Auto Index, click here



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