Blog: Dave LeggettCappuccino-ed out

Dave Leggett | 16 March 2004

I was out with Ryan Tutak last night, to wish him well on his new life in Detroit – as trailed in the blog yesterday. We found a quiet café off London’s Covent Garden and over a fair few large cups of cappuccino, reflected on the last few years and the future.

A few names cropped up in our discussions. One name was David Herman. Ex-GM David Herman is apparently now working as a consultant on a big supplier park project to serve AvtoVAZ in Russia. Sounded interesting and I’m wondering whether he may be interested in talking to just-auto about it. I recall that when Herman was sent out to Russia from being head of Opel in the late-1990s, some saw it as akin to being sent into exile. But he seemed to take to his new surroundings like a duck to water. And if he still has fingers in pies there, that suggests he must have liked it. Below is a link to an interview that Ryan did with him for us back in 2000.

It was certainly good to see the inimitable Tutak again and I look forward to discovering what he does next (he’s not short of ideas or options). I said to him: don’t rule out continuing to write for us from Detroit – maybe the occasional opinionated column. We could call it, ‘The Tutak Take’. He liked the sound of that.

David Herman interview


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