Blog: Dave LeggettCan we calm down, please?

Dave Leggett | 12 March 2008

I gather there was an 'earthquake' in Britain recently. Someone somewhere lost a milk bottle and I believe there was a grazed knee caused by a fallen chimney stack. To see the media fuss at the time you could be forgiven for thinking something big had happened.

This week, it's been the turn of 'winter storms' coming in off the Atlantic to lash the British Isles. Yes, it is fairly windy and a bit wet. 

Cue TV reporters standing at the seaside shouting about how windy it is and how big the waves are. Really? Good photo opportunities of the damage done were pitifully rare. The BBC crew sent to the scene of a damaged residential carport in Torquay summed it up. A rickety looking corrugated iron panelled roof had blown down on a car. Reporter: 'Tell us what happened?' Resident: 'Well, it just came down with the wind. A neighbour's car just behind is also damaged.' It was a pretty pathetic scene and had me asking the question: why are we paying a BBC licence fee for this? Can the media please calm down? It's not a huge story.

Equally, let's stop with the H&S gone mad warnings about going down to the seaside to watch the waves. There are plenty of places where you can stand safely and watch the raging sea. And then there's the usual absurd message from Plod: 'Don't go out unless your journey is essential.' Just stop it, all of you.

Mildly irritated old fart fed up with lazy TV news journalism - not just BBC, all UK domestic networks are similarly guilty - and constantly hearing about the 'lashing storms' speaks. And get ready for the spurious science that implies the spell of bad weather is down to climate change.


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