Blog: Dave LeggettCadillac in Europe

Dave Leggett | 13 January 2010

Will they ever learn at GM that the Cadillac brand is a very, very hard sell in Europe? We found out today that there are new plans to kick-start the brand in Europe after the Kroymans bankruptcy last year. It won't be easy.

Even if you have some good product, it's hard work getting people away from the established prestige brands. And, I would think, it's even harder in these very lean times at that premium end of the market.

That said, maybe there is room in the market for Cadillac at fairly low volume; enough non-conformist moderately affluent people who really don't want a BMW or Mercedes-Benz and want to make a public statement to that effect. Caddy can perhaps establish a small bridgehead and gradually build on that. Maybe that's the thing – come up with a realistic business and marketing plan, steady as she goes, learn to walk before attempting to run.

I was reminded of a warm spring afternoon in Luton a couple of years ago when Jonathan Nash laid out the thinking on things like Cadillac brand positioning and distribution. I guess if you have a brand like Cadillac and want it to be global then, sooner or later, Europe just has to be back on the agenda, whatever the history may be. 

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