Blog: Dave LeggettCaddy in Europe

Dave Leggett | 21 November 2004

First thing on Monday I will be off to the reasonably swish Dorchester Hotel on London's Park Lane to attend a press conference at which Bob Lutz will be saying something about GM's expansion plans for Cadillac in UK/Europe. Maybe I'll have my mind changed, but my initial feeling is that GM could be making a costly error here. The executive and luxury market in Europe is already crowded and known for its badge snobbery and conservatism. Just look at the problems that Lexus has had in Europe. It will take a massive effort to get Europeans switched on to Caddy and overcome the ingrained preconceptions associated with the brand. And are the products right? Diesel engines? Far better for GM to concentrate on the somewhat neglected Saab brand in Europe I think. But I'll listen to what is said and report back in here later.

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