Blog: Dave LeggettCaddy global ambitions

Dave Leggett | 13 June 2003

I quite like the look of the Cadillac CTS. After appearing in 'The Matrix Reloaded', maybe it's even a little hip (although I am reminded of the Huey Lewis & The News classic: 'Hip to be Square'). The car is intended to spearhead Cadillac in global markets - it will even be sold in China. But I think GM needs to be careful with its Cadillac ambitions. CTS needs to be around for quite a while in markets outside of North America in order to change generally none-too-great perceptions of the Cadillac brand I think. In Asia for example, BMW and Mercedes-Benz very much rule the luxury brand roost. Those are truly inspirational brands for the nouveau riche. Cadillac as a brand just isn't in the same league. In Europe Cadillac has singularly failed to get off the ground with models like the Seville (that was never going to work).

The sharply styled and well-proportioned CTS definitely looks like a big step in the right direction, but Caddy shouldn't try to run before it can walk. Concentrate on getting CTS out there and building a younger and more dynamic view of the brand. Tieing up with Saab on distribution also makes huge sense. No big rush on the other models though.


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