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Graeme Roberts | 18 April 2013

You can also get the paint in purple, just like those 70s Hillmans

You can also get the paint in purple, just like those 70s Hillmans

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To Dudenhofen to look at, and try, some new Opel (aka Vauxhall) engines and gearboxes. So up rolls a new Adam - my first look at one - with an automated manual (yuck) and a purple interior....

This colour I have seen before. About 40 years ago. In Hillman Hunters and Avengers.

The local CKD assembler in New Zealand had spared us such horrors by combining local vinyl seat and door trim in fetching shades of beige, brown, red, blue, etc with black hardware but a temporary relaxation of import restrictions to meet exceptional demand for new cars led to a flood of built-ups from Mother England in '73-'74 so we got 'full colour keyed interior' Hillmans in such hues as blue, brown and purple. Very Seventies, we recall, as we look back.

Over the years, I've talked paint and interior colours with a number of expert forecasters and the key message is that materials may change but colours tend to come around again every few decades. The purple in the Adam is not pervasive; it's seat covers, door trims and dashpad with the rest, thankfully, black. And it didn't look too bad, actually.

Forty years of material advances should also ensure one more thing: the coloured dashtops in those marvellous English Hillmans all turned black under Antipodean sun in a year or two; I suspect Opel's colours will prove rather more durable.

Like those '70s Hillmans, you can also get the Adam painted in purple - it looks pretty good with a contrasting roof.


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