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Dave Leggett | 6 January 2008

Look, I don't fly as often as some people do, but I am a regular enough flyer to make some simple observations.

Observation 1: The 'one item in the cabin' rule doesn't seem to have left a whole load of overhead storage capacity empty. Whatever happened before, people seem to have adapted (like they do).

Observation 2: Some people push it to the max and get away with it. How they do it is beyond me, but they do. They get on to the plane with oversized roller bags crammed with stuff and the bags are barely liftable. I guess the check-in staff can do without the aggro but there are some blatant transgressions of the 'rules'. It's laughable and the more it happens, the worse it gets.  

Somehow they get the kitchen sink in the overheads. And usually it's on my row.

Observation 3: I'm never in a hurry to get to my seat. Even on short-haul, there will be a very long period sat down on the aircraft, so what's the rush to get seated? But then, sauntering on calmly after the initial stampede when rows are called for boarding (many passengers just piling on regardless of the rows specified), I invariably find the overhead compartment above where I am sitting is chocker and I have to go half-way down the fuselage to find room for my bag.

Observation 4: Some people weigh a lot more than others, even leaving the luggage issue to one side. That's life, but what's the net position, I often wonder?

I'm okay with airlines charging for the extra costs involved with checking in luggage, but why leave it there? Let's make it fair. You get charged according to net weight - you and your baggage. If you weigh in at 350 pounds because of a 'glandular issue' that's a shame, but why should lighter passengers bear some of the costs of transporting your hefty bulk. If your cabin baggage is a toothbrush and a magazine, why should you pay the same as someone who has somehow crammed the kitchen sink, family heirlooms and a Fiat 500 into their carry-on?

And I feel the clamour to get the maximum possible gear into the overheads ASAP will just get worse now they've said you can have two bags. Why did they have to go and do that?

One of these days I'm going to take that pesky oversized bag out of the overhead, chuck it unceremoniously down the aisle, and put my own modest rucksack in its rightful pace. And if anyone wants to argue, bring it on.

Aah, the glamour of international travel.


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