Blog: Dave LeggettBye, bye Smart ForFour

Dave Leggett | 27 March 2006

Will anyone mourn the ForFour? The axe that has hung over the slow-seller for a while now has finally fallen. It never quite seemed to cut it as part of the Smart brand; not exactly a radical design and widely seen as overpriced.

ForFour's Mitsubishi sibling, off the same Dutch manufacturing line, made more sense to consumers. Now that DC has apparently decided to continue with Smart, the challenge and opportunity is to develop the brand with radically designed vehicles that are sympathetic to the brand. Oh, and also do that with profitability. But brand values and product designs need to be closer aligned than was evident on ForFour.

An alternative scenario: this clears the way to sell the Smart brand and ForTwo...(enter TATA for build in India).


GERMANY: Further Smart restructuring to axe ForFour, cost EUR1bn


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