Blog: Dave LeggettBye, bye 2004 - it was fun while it lasted

Dave Leggett | 22 December 2004

We've just published the latest just-auto members' management briefing - a review of 2004. Yours truly took a stroll through the major news of the year, from January through to now. It took a while and I've simply selected the news that stood out for me and put my own spin on things. I hope it is worth a read - it was another packed year of course and it's funny how quickly things get consigned to history. I don't have a very good memory myself, so if you are like me, maybe you will find it useful to have your memory jogged. And where we are today reflects where we were yesterday. And tomorrow never comes. That's enough of that I think. Download the briefing for yourself.   

2004's news with Leggett's musings


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