Blog: Dave LeggettButterfly in December

Dave Leggett | 14 December 2006

Not much time for blogging this week, as I am head-down on the annual 'review of the year' management briefing. But I did go out for a walk at lunchtime to give myself and the old mince pies (eyes) a break from the screens. And I saw a butterfly. That's a bit unusual at this time of the year, I think, and some of the plants seem to be under the impression that it is Spring already - though I am no expert on flora and fauna, I hasten to add. It has been exceedingly mild here lately and 2006 has apparently been another year that has broken records for warm weather in the British Isles.

Is Man's interference with the planet's atmos staring us in the face? Most of the doomsayer projections talk about the world's climate being a bit screwed up at the end of this century or several decades away, at least. That's how I tend to think of it - in the distance. It's a problem perhaps (though a knotty one to quantify and come up with realistic prescriptions for), but it's not now (and I am not saying that is a justification for doing nothing, either). Would perhaps be nice to have some regular weather for a change. A good blast of Arctic air here and we can sleep a little more soundly in our beds. Can't we?


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