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Dave Leggett | 21 March 2005

It is easy for us to sit in judgment on others isn’t it? When it comes to public figures, often we have only what we read in the press to go on and it may not be accurate. The late John DeLorean? He had the kind of success early on that attracts attention, builds envy and, by the sound of things, he lived the part and enjoyed the trappings of success. But he took a risk and thank goodness there are some people in business and in life that do that.

If you’d have asked him on his deathbed if he’d have done anything different, faced with the same options, I’d guess he’d have said no. At least he really went for it with his sports car and the audacious strategy to make it in Northern Ireland. He even convinced the British government to give him a big grant, so the plan can’t have been completely barking. And at least he has made a permanent mark of some sort (not just the DeLorean car of 'Back to the Future' fame; Bill Cawthon tells me that his real contribution to automotive history came in '64 when he stuffed a V8 in a compact Pontiac Tempest and it became a GTO).

Still on the broad subject of mortality, I enjoyed Jeremy Clarkson’s column in The Sunday Times this week (click below link to read it). The review of the Mercedes CLS in the Driving supplement was perfectly okay and a good read, but it was his ‘other’ and more general column in the newspaper  - review section - that caught my attention as I swilled coffee yesterday morning. Best known as an autos journalist he may be (he has just won some kind of award), but he has an easy way with words, writes with a little humour and speaks his mind. And as a fortysomething myself, his views struck a bit of a chord. How would you like to go out?

And I would guess that for those who knew John DeLorean there's no shortage of anecdotes connected with his life, if not his death.

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