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Dave Leggett | 8 October 2007

I spoke to just-auto contributor and emerging markets specialist Mark ‘Coolbear’ Bursa at the end of last week. He was just back from the PSA/Fiat small van Job 1 shindig in Bursa, Turkey. His surname is a little unusual and he always gets excited about visiting Bursa (but the ethnic origins of Mark’s surname are actually Polish rather than Turkish, he tells me).

Bursa in Bursa

Mr Bursa had his camera with him and couldn’t resist a shot that appears to stand testimony to the fact that like John Lennon and JFK, the great man has had an airport named after him. He also snapped a nice portrait shot of Mr Marchionne - as Mark summed it up: tab, jumper, dude. And he's turned Fiat around. He's done his bit and is waiting for others to come in and carry on the good work. If he wants to go for the jumper rather than the sharp suit, he's more than entitled to. 

Marchionne, cool dude

And the doner kebabs served up to the hungry journalistic hordes at the ceremony were to die for, he tells me. Coolbear even had seconds and liked it so much he took a picture. And in filling his tum, he could then sleep on the plane and give the standard bland airline meal a miss, undisturbed. Clever lad.

What a Coolbear has for lunch

(He has also written something about the van project which will be on just-auto shortly.)

TURKEY: Fiat, PSA CEOs gather for small van roll-out


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