Blog: Dave LeggettBuick LaCrosse name not for Canada

Dave Leggett | 17 October 2003

Glenn Brooks e-mailed me earlier with this gem straight from the oh-dear-it-means-what? department. Buick has apparently dropped its plans to rename its Buick Regal car the Buick LaCrosse in Canada after discovering the new word is a crude slang term among some young people, the National Post said. LaCrosse "means a couple of things . . . 'I just got screwed' or 'I just got taken,' " Stew Low, a spokesman for the Detroit-based automaker in Canada, was quoted as saying.

The new name gave the car a sophisticated European feel among focus groups in the United States but caused giggles among young participants in Quebec, the newspaper said. GM will replace the Regal name with LaCrosse in the United States and hasn't decided on a new name for the car in Canada, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was quoted as saying.


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