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Dave Leggett | 16 December 2003

Cold and frosty here today and I've got to go up to Birmingham for a briefing prior to visiting India's AutoExpo next month as part of an SMMT trade mission. Looks like a good list of participants - mainly suppliers of various sorts. I'm looking at the directions and hoping that I don't get lost around the centre of Birmingham (regular readers will rightly supect that I don't have sat-nav - takes the fun out). It's not a city I know at all well although it is England's second biggest and is enjoying something of a renaissance since they redeveloped the 'Bull Ring' in the centre of town. Looking forward to meeting the other participants on the mission and hearing about the market. After that, I've an appointment at a health centre to review health precautions. I think I'm up to date with jabs. I really do hope so.


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