Blog: Glenn BrooksBrabus' STARTECH creates the Range Rover pick-up

Glenn Brooks | 16 April 2015

If you can

If you can't afford a 6x6 G-Class

Somewhere out there are people who think what would really improve their Range Rover would be chopping the back out of it and inserting a pick-up load tray.

It seems that such people might well either live in Shanghai, or else be planning to visit the city's biennial motor show, which opens next week. Brabus' STARTECH division has the answer to their dreams. The prototype has a bed that will take objects up to 110cm long, or 170cm with the tailgate open. It's powered by a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 and there are also some flared wheelarches and a suitably modified interior. 

Expect multiple images of this model to appear in the press during the coming days but you won't see leggy girls draped over it. That's because this will be the first Chinese motor show where the Communist Party's directive to ban such ladies (and children too) from the media preview days will apparently be enforced.


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