Blog: Glenn BrooksBoxter: see the error? Porsche and its ad agency didn't

Glenn Brooks | 20 August 2012

Surely a typo of a Porsche's model name couldn't get through all the stages of checks at both client and agency? Billboards all over London prove that it did.

I do feel for the agency, and for Porsche Cars GB, especially as I have read my own work and seen glaring errors that I couldn't believe I had tapped out. Luckily, one of the marvels of the web is the ability to right wrongs in seconds.

You often see three years [sic] interest-free finance in advertisements, especially on TV. Pedants can be tiresome but if there's a rule, it's there for a reason. An English Teacher who on several occasions hit my and my classmates' knuckles with a steel ruler succeeded in persuading us to learn those rules.

There is a magazine which drops through my door, a glossy affair which tries to seduce the reader into buying often pricey goods. I'm tempted by one thing in particular in the latest issue. According to the full page advertisement from Bath Audi, the beautifully photographed A3 Sportback now comes with complimentary Sport upgrade. Big alloys and a bodykit that not only speak but they tell you how terrific you're looking. For a mere £225.00 a month.

Life's way too short to get your knickers in a twist by boo-boos like the above. Best to have a chuckle, and not take harmless errors too seriously. And if you're a writer like me, try not to picture all the readers out there who surely shake their heads at some of the howlers I no doubt publish (hopefully not too) often.

We all have those words or terms that we just can't spell, or even say. Luckily, the worst one for me hasn't yet been needed for writing about cars: Anna's Theddig. I can neither spell nor pronounce it. It's the liquid that numbs your nerves after the dentist stabs you in the mouth.


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