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Dave Leggett | 24 June 2004

I'm going along to a Bosch sales meeting at the Heathrow Marriott hotel today - they've invited me along as a guest speaker. It's an international audience and I'm on just after lunch, a potentially lethal slot at any conference given the fact that people who have just been very amply fed are then put into a darkened room. I've seen people break out into full-on snoring before. I'll have to make an effort to be lively and avoid slipping into Leggett-the-dry-analyst mode if at all possible.

I've been wrestling with the idea of starting off with a couple of quips over the Euro 2004 footy. But after last night's early exit from the tournament, I'm not sure the Germans would be finding it all that funny right now. And I gather Germany coach Rudi Voeller has just resigned. 'Never mind my German friends, you've got the World Cup in 2006 to look forward to' might not go down all that well today.


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