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Dave Leggett | 4 May 2007

I spoke to Bosal main man Karel Bos on the telephone earlier. I was interviewing him for a just-auto Q&A. We talked about what Bosal is up to, where it is growing its business and some of the wider issues facing the auto industry.

He's not all that happy about what he sees as the unfair competitive advantage US firms emerging from Chapter 11 have. And he doesn't like the way the EU has let the steel industry in Europe consolidate, resulting in higher steel prices.

But it sounds like Bosal is doing okay. He gave me a rundown of the investments going on, the benefits of the alliance with Delphi and maintained that privately owned Bosal is profitable (though he declined to give details).

What must it be like growing up in a family-run business like Bosal? One thing was, he got plenty of work experience from a very early age. As Bos himself observed, health and safety rules these days would probably make it difficult to do that.

"I was generally given jobs that meant I wouldn't lose my fingers," Bos cheerfully admitted.

And how old was he when he first started helping out in exhaust manufacturing for two week periods of work experience in the summer? Nine years of age.  


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