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Dave Leggett | 29 November 2006

SMMT dinner last night was good value. Yes, we had to sit through some serious stuff about how mega-significant the UK auto industry is, what a great performer it is, how government needs to look after it etc. It's a bit predicatable, but you can't blame the organisers for that - hard to imagine such an event without it.

But it's a jolly occasion and a useful one for meeting up with a few people. My thanks go to PSA Peugeot-Citroen's UK corporate office (Jonathan Goodman, Dominique Morgan and Nicholas Lee) for inviting me on to their table again.

Boris Johnson was a bit of a highlight as after dinner speaker (no disrespect to Nick Scheele, who gave a very solid statesmanlike speech). Boris played the audience very well and got plenty of laughs. He kept us entertained and I don't think he said anything that anyone could take offence at later, so maybe he's learning how to keep out of trouble these days.

Another highlight for me came when someone pointed out that the comedian Alexei Sayle was on an adjoining table. Not only am I a bit of a fan ('Young Ones', 'Stuff'), but I can still remember some of the surreal articles he used to write for CAR magazine. I couldn't let the opportunity to talk to him pass by. What would he be like? How uncool can I be?

I'm happy to report that Mr Sayle was a charmer and very happy to chat to a slightly gushing fan.

And the food wasn't bad either - better than last year, anyway (mass catering on this scale not easy to pull off).

Below link is to the business side of things.

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