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Simon Warburton | 5 November 2010

[Flash] Gordon

[Flash] Gordon's ali-i-i-ve...

For those wishing perhaps their sat navs had a more distinctive voice than the spookily smooth tones normally associated with the mapping device, here's something a million miles away.

There's a British actor called Brian Blessed, whose king-sized stature and voice has been booming out of television screens and from stages for decades.

It appears a Facebook campaign attracted 25,000 people who pressed for the Shakespearian-toned one to record driving instructions with his, well, vast voice and TomTom has released his sat nav recording today (5 November).

Brian's instructions include gems such as:

"Toll Charge.  Give them the exact money and tell them to keep the change"  and "You've reached your destination.  Congratulations.  Onwards and upwards!"

A motorist from Manchester launched a Facebook group to make driving more 'shouty', called:  "Campaign to get Brian Blessed to do a voice over for my sat nav". 

After more than 25,000 people signed up, TomTom and the actor agreed to record the voice in what is thought to be a first for creating a product through social media.

It's impossible to get a flavour of Brian's full vocal range without listening to the great man himself, so here's a quick clip to show off his sat nav talents.


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