Blog: Simon WarburtonBoom time for Volt

Simon Warburton | 23 December 2010

Occasionally an environmental disaster comes along that really makes everyone sit up and take notice.

This year's mega-oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that saw countless millions of oil barrels spew into the pristine waters certainly fell into that category.

Apart from alerting the world to the fact that oil extraction is becoming ever harder and more dangerous as supplies dwindle, the spill nonetheless generated a vast mopping up operation that saw some pretty ingenious ideas put into practice.

Tights were apparently enlisted by various volunteer groups to make oil-absorbing booms to fight the Gulf Coast spill, but here's another ingenious solution from General Motors.

Equally using boom material, GM has come up with a method to convert an estimated 100 miles of the material off the Alabama and Louisiana coasts and keep it out of America's landfills.

The project is expected to create enough plastic under hood parts to supply the first year production of the extended-range Volt electric vehicle.

"Creative recycling is one extension of GM's overall strategy to reduce its environmental impact," said Mike Robinson, GM vice president of Environment, Energy and Safety policy. 

"We reuse and recycle material by-products at our 76 landfill-free facilities every day. This is a good example of using this expertise and applying it to a greater magnitude."

Hats off to GM for creativity.



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