Blog: Dave LeggettBonkers marketing campaigns

Dave Leggett | 23 December 2005

Our friend Big Dog has got a good point in his latest missive that lays into some of the vehicle makers' marketing campaigns. The Peugeot 1007 TV ad with the giant spider is just plain silly (too much Lord of the Rings, perhaps) while the Ford Focus II ad campaign was confusing, uninformative, laboured and profoundly irritating. There is a place for the odd surreal ad, but I think advertising should be mainly about informing consumers about the product and doing it in a creative and engaging manner. As Big Dog says, the Vauxhall Zafira ad does just that. Big Dog is perhaps a bit harsh on roll necks though (that said, you wouldn't catch me in one). And by the way, no, Big Dog is not actually me.

Insider Opinion: Big Dog: the problem with marketing


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