Blog: Dave LeggettBob Lutz and loose talk

Dave Leggett | 1 April 2005

Well, yes, context is important. As a car company Big Wig, if your company is going through a bad time you have to be a bit careful when talking to journalists (or the analysts from investment banks for that matter). It's a case of being tight with what you say and making sure there are no 'giveaways' that are prone to producing unwanted headlines. After the storm that resulted recently over the 'if sales are poor, brands could go' remarks in New York, Bob Lutz has tried to put the record straight in his blog.

Mind you, there are some interesting theories on how Lutz's frequently outspoken remarks could be part of a wider plan (see our forums at /forums/link.asp?TOPIC_ID=6164)

GM does have a lot of brands and, as pointed out elsewhere on this site (this month's management briefing), there does seem to be a correlation - when you look across the major carmarking groups - between number of brands and poor profitability. It would be strange if GM was not 'considering' the viability of some of its brands in the context of their performances and overall group financial health.

Anyway, see Bob Lutz's own reaction to the press reporting below. Is there just a  hint of blaming the messenger?


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