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Dave Leggett | 14 March 2005

I’ve a couple of days in Munich this week to take in BMW’s annual results press conference (that’s on Wednesday, starting at 10:00am) and look around a couple of BMW facilities – a recycling centre in Lohof and a tour of the Landshut plant which includes a magnesium foundry and engine production. I’ve got to be at Heathrow Airport to check-in for the flight at just after 6:00am tomorrow morning. Brutally early starts don’t really agree with me but at least the seemingly permanently congested motorways should be relatively empty.

Incidentally, and while on the subject of BMW, I have written a feature article on the new 3 Series following last week’s opportunity to hear more about the car at the media launch. The link is below.

BMW plays it safe with the new 3 Series


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