Blog: Dave LeggettBMW results due tomorrow

Dave Leggett | 10 March 2004

BMW's 2003 results are out tomorrow. I was reminded of that by someone from the BBC wanting me to go on BBC World Service radio and talk about the company in general terms - which I agreed to do. It'll be pre-recorded this evening and will go out to the world tomorrow. I'm feeling good about both being offered the interview and accepting. Why so? Well, I was feeling a little guilty as I turned down BBC Radio 5 live yesterday.

They wanted me to talk live about Volkswagen's '03 results - released in full yesterday. But it is only a UK domestic station and, here's the catch, they wanted me to do it down the phone at 11:45 pm. I joked with the nice young lady trying to persuade me to do it that I'm normally tucked up in bed and sound asleep by that time. In true Leggett deadpan delivery tradition she wasn't sure if I was serious or not - actually, I was joking, as I don't normally hit the hay until 12:30 am at the earliest. But, to be brutally honest, I wasn't in the mood to do it either: there was football on TV last night and I knew I had some beers in the fridge. I made my excuses about workload pressures etc. I hope she found someone to do it; tough gig to sell...

On the subject of BMW, I'm not sure I'm 100% convinced by the upcoming 1-Series. The pics of the vehicle I've seen in the press remind me a little of the Nissan Almera. More worryingly, the car will be mixing it in the premium C-segment where competition is intense. How profitable will it be? At least the 3-Series Compact - which this model will eventually replace - was cheap to bring to the market.


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