Blog: Dave LeggettBMW press dinner (blow-out)

Dave Leggett | 7 November 2007

Last night was the annual BMW press dinner for UK journalists, held at the Berkeley hotel in London. Grub was good and I will therefore be limiting my calorific intake today. Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream was an absolute killer.

There was no BMW board member there this year, but BMW's UK main man Jim O'Donnell kept things lively with his speech. I managed to get a news item out of it (below link). Good to see him ostensibly taking a UK industry perspective and sticking up for Jaguar and Land Rover (though not entirely without self-interest - it's in BMW's interests, obviously, to want to minimise taxes on bigger cars).

I was reminded of O'Donnell's attack on the MG Rover guys at this event a few years ago. He didn't mince his words then. I wonder where the Phoenix Four are hanging out these days?  

One attendee at last night's dinner caught my attention as we swilled aperitifs. Charley Boreman of Long Way Round/Down fame was there (he and Ewan McGregor ride BMW touring bikes on these epic journeys). I haven't seen LWD but LWR was one heck of a trip. What a fantastic gig these two have sorted out for themselves: epic motorcycle journeys, raising money for a good cause thrown in, plus a TV programme and DVD/books in the stores in time for Christmas. Nice work and terrific fun too. Must be a good bit of promo for Charley - an actor by trade - also (Ewan probably doesn't need it). Alas I didn't get the chance to talk to him. What's the next 'long way' journey I wonder?

UK: BMW UK boss fears for Jaguar and Land Rover


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