Blog: Dave LeggettBMW minivan for US production

Dave Leggett | 26 November 2004

Okay, BMW would never want to call it an MPV or minivan. To them, it's a 'sports wagon'. Helmut Panke, CEO of BMW, has said that BMW "will never bring a minivan" to the market. Yeah right. If Merc has R-Class, BMW dealers will demand a similar offering. Looks like US production is on the cards for the seven-seater and that makes sense. US will be a big market for such a vehicle of course and the dollar is hitting new lows against the euro. Auto executives must be concluding that there has been a permanent shift in the dollar-euro rate with no dollar recovery in sight. Even if the dollar does come back next year, it is unlikely to be a strong recovery given the scale of the US trade deficit and the reasons for it. Expect Volkswagen to look at further boosting NAFTA area production also.

BMW mulls US prod for 7-seater


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