Blog: Dave LeggettBMW Mini conundrum solved?

Dave Leggett | 31 July 2006

As expected, BMW has 'done a Porsche' with it's new Mini. There's no radical redesign of the exterior (difficult with a retro-style car), but there has apparently been plenty going on under the skin. I wonder if the Mini engineers have cut a few corners and saved some money there?

While no-one would doubt that the Mini has been a successful car in the market for BMW, building a solid small-car premium brand from scratch, there have been plenty of murmurs about low margins and over-engineering (I seem to remember Max Warburton, then of Goldman Sachs, bending my ear on the subject a few years ago). Low margins are also said to have been a driver behind the desire to roll out new - and higher margin - models (like the Traveller) under the Mini brand asap.

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