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Dave Leggett | 19 November 2009

BMW's sales and marketing man Ian Robertson was characteristically upbeat yesterday at the annual BMW press dinner (at Claridge's in London; good opportunity to catch up with a few people). He talks a good game. BMW reacted early to the downturn, he says, by cutting production and that has left it in good shape for the downturn. And it's doing well in the places that are growing, especially China and India.

I got the chance to ask him about the Russia market after dinner. He reckons there could be a sharp rebound and that he's hearing optimism that it could come back pretty quickly when things start to improve next year.

It's a tough place for all this year though, and the latest market data gave little cause for cheer for anyone. Mind you, BMW brand sales are only down 16% at 13,200 units in the first ten months - in an overall car market down 51%.

Another talking point on the night was BMW's sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics. There was much speculation on which other OEMs would have seriously bid for that 'Tier One Automotive Partner' position and also who might have been most crestfallen not to have been successful. One or two might have thought that the idea of a fleet of hybrids moving athletes around would have been a winner...

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