Blog: Dave LeggettBMW Hams Hall visit

Dave Leggett | 13 July 2004

I've been invited to a Guild of Motoring Writers lunch at BMW's Hams Hall engine plant at the end of the month. Logistics and work pressures make it tight for me (I won't go into the details), but I think I'll endeavour to get along - I've never been to the plant before and it will play an important part in BMW's powertrain production strategy.

As well as a look around the plant, there's a presentation on BMW's Valvetronic engine technology and a 1 Series will be rolled out (engine production for the 1 Series will be vital for capacity utilisation at the plant - see below). Plus there will be media colleagues to talk to over a buffet lunch. Big picture - sounds like it is well worth going to. It would be almost criminal to turn it down. Micro picture - there will be some associated hassles for me personally. Big picture wins again.

UK: Hams Hall becomes BMW's global four-cylinder engine centre


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