Blog: Glenn BrooksBMW & Benz tweets gatecrash Audi launch

Glenn Brooks | 13 March 2013

Amusing goings-on at today's UK market media launch of the Audi A3 Sportback, courtesy of some well timed tweets by BMW and Mercedes-Benz press spokesmen.

Audi UK rented out a large chunk of the Walton Hall hotel near Stratford upon Avon, and a steady flow of invited automotive writers arrived to sample the cars. Something I hadn't seen on a car launch before was a giant screen that had been set up especially to display the company's tweets.

The press offices of Audi two main rivals got wind of the huge flatscreen display and soon started making announcements about their recent successes: 'S-Class tops luxury segment in February' was but one example that popped up.

The tweet-bombing (if that term doesn't exist, well, it does now) was received with amusement by Audi's PR staffers, I should add.


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