Blog: Dave LeggettBMW 5-series

Dave Leggett | 23 July 2003

The BMW line on the reception and initial orders for the new 5-series is pretty upbeat, so maybe the controversy over the design is all hot air. Perhaps, like Renault Megane II, the initial 'shock' will fade as people get used to the new design and even start to appreciate it. Is the rear wheel arch overhang too long and heavy? Yes, I think so, but people can probably live with that. Ditto the front and rear lighting arrangements. Even that slightly high boot line - 7-series style - will get acceptance eventually. Let's face it: the car's a pretty neat package and what BMW has done is to give it a slightly more individualistic appearance. The conservatives don't like it, but let's catch a grip here and get things in perspective. It's still obviously a BMW, but perhaps just a little less like a shrunken seven than the previous five and seven were.


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