Blog: Dave LeggettBMW 3-Series for Spartanburg?

Dave Leggett | 9 June 2003

Had an interesting chat with Neil Winton earlier today on the subject of Europe's and more particularly, Germany's, depressed car market. One of his 'round robin' features in which he surveys the money men and analysts at investment banks has come in. Sounds like some turnaround in Germany's car market is widely expected in 2004, helped by product action and some pent-up demand. But the euro-dollar exchange rate will still be troubling the German carmakers (some more than others) and 'hedging' gets expensive of course. One possibility raised by SSSB's John Lawson is that BMW could make the 3-Series in the US at Spartanburg. There's room there apparently and that would undoubtedly ease BMW's exchange rate losses.

Neil's got hold of some key people for the feature, all helped by the fact that he's well known in financial circles because he used to work for Reuters. Mind you, you can tell he doesn't work for Reuters now: he's managed to work in a slightly irreverent analogy involving penalty taking and Germany's Chancellor Schroeder. Come on Neil, considering his age he looks in reasonable physical shape and, dare I say it, much better shape than his predecessor, Helmut ('Is that sausage going spare?') Kohl!


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